Fund Valuation and Fund Accounting

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Deutsche Trustees Malaysia Berhad (Company No.763590-H) (“DTMB”)

DTMB has been appointed to carry out the fund accounting and valuation services for our funds. DTMB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent organisation, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft. DTMB was incorporated in Malaysia on 22 February 2007 and commenced business in May 2007.

DTMB is part of Deutsche Bank’s Securities Services, which provides trustee and fund accounting and valuation services. DTMB expanded its product offering to include fund accounting and valuation services in 2018. 

Its duties include, amongst others, performing valuation of the investments and the funds and maintaining financial accounting records of portfolios including all transactions data, records and investment ledgers.

In providing the above services, DTMB will be supported by Deutsche Investor Services Private Limited (“DISPL”) in India, a 100% Deutsche Bank owned legal subsidiary in the processing of daily fund administration transactions.”