Products and Services


Portfolio Management
We assist clients in constructing a customized portfolio to meet their investment/financial objectives. To achieve this, we employ our knowledge and expertise of the markets whilst taking into account the risk appetite, liquidity requirement and time horizon of our clients. We offer a choice of discretionary or non-discretionary mandates. Click here to contact us.

Cash Management Solutions 
Cash management solutions are an alternative to conventional bank deposits, and have the advantage of daily liquidity, convenience and returns which commensurate with the risk. Click here to contact us.

Retail Funds 
With retail funds, you are able to capitalise on the strength of pooled investments with a minimum initial investment. Investing in retail funds allows you to tap into a diversified porfolio of securities for a minimal investment while affording you fast and flexible withdrawals, whether in entirety or in part. Our vast expertise and wide reach allows us to effectively select a range of assets across local and regional markets, and from different asset classes.

Investors have the convenience of purchasing UOBAM(M) Retail Funds from participating distributors/banks across the nation, as well as via online portals. 

Wholesale Funds
Wholesale funds are available to qualified investors  seeking to preserve and grow their wealth. With more flexible investment limits, wholesale funds can fully capitalize on opportunities at the fund manager’s discretion. Explore UOBAM(M) Wholesale Funds that are presently available.

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