Our Delegate - Fund Valuation & Fund Accounting

Fund Valuation and Fund Accounting Functions

Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) Berhad

Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (“DBMB”) has been appointed to carry out the fund accounting and valuation function for the Fund. DBMB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent organization, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft established a presence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1967 and was thereafter incorporated on 22 August 1994. DBMB expanded its product offering to include fund accounting and valuation services in 2001.

Its roles and responsibilities as the fund valuation and fund accounting agent are:
maintaining financial accounting records of portfolios including all transactions data, records and investment ledgers;
monitoring and recording of corporate actions;
performing cash and securities reconciliation with financial institutions and custodian records;
performing valuation of the investments and the Fund;
providing a reporting package which includes the following:
- statement of assets and liabilities;
- statement of income and expenditure;
- portfolio valuation report; and
- transaction schedules;
providing relevant information to facilitate the preparation of statistical returns for submission to regulatory bodies; and
submitting accounts or accounting records to the appointed external auditors and providing relevant information for disclosure in the annual financial statements (whenever applicable).



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